Kristy Yang shares how her looks stay 'frozen' despite turning 42

16 May 2016 / 5 months 2 weeks ago

Kristy Yang, 42, used to be the 'fadan' of ATV and has been developing her career in China now.

One week ago on Weibo, she shared a selfie revealing her fair skin and sharp chin, not showing any indications that she is 42-years-old at all.

Kristy left a message: "Monday and sleeping again! Otherwise, how can my skin look so good?"

Is it possible her age is 'frozen' due to sleeping for long hours, asks Asian E-News-Portal.

Based on the record provided by the reporters, Kristy appeared in Hong Kong around March and she was shopping with her mother at luxury shops in Causeway Bay.

At that time, she was wearing spectacle without make-up and there is some difference when compared to her selfie.

Anyway, everyone wants to look good when taking photo of oneself and can use applications for editing.

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