Korean mum finally able to smile after removing oral 'hump' over her front teeth

21 January 2016 / 1 year 4 months ago

Jan 21, 2015

A smile is something almost everybody can do - with just the slight twist of our facial muscles.

But for Eun Hye, a Korean mother-of-two, smiling was one of the hardest things for her to do due to a oral defect.

She had a protruding gum which formed a "hump" over her front teeth, making it difficult for her to smile. Due to this, her self-esteem also suffered.

To correct her smile, this Korean mum participated in a plastic surgery makeover TV show Let Me In 5 and underwent a whopping 85 surgeries to remove the defect and transformed into a living doll.

After the extreme makeover, the pretty mummy stood before a panel of hosts and got a rousing round of praises.

Though her smile looked a bit crooked, the absence of the defect made her look happier and sweeter.

One of the female hosts said with the new look, Eun Hye's new-found confidence is evident in the way she walked - with her shoulders back and head up high.

Her forlorn look associated with her depressing past were also gone, noted another.

When it was finally time for Eun Hye to see herself on television, she couldn't stop smiling and was overcome with emotions.

After a few seconds, she finally made a comment: "I look like I stepped out from a cartoon".

A fellow host agreed and said she looks like one of the female leads in a romance comic.

Her little daughter was also brought on to the stage and when asked what her favourite feature on mummy's face was, she replied: "Her smile".

Check out her transformation in the gallery below.

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