Kit Chan told on Chinese singing competition: Amp up the showboating or face elimination

6 August 2016 / 2 months 2 weeks ago

By Olivia Chang
SPH Razor
Thursday, Aug 4, 2016

She was warned - amp up the showboating or face elimination from Chinese singing competition I Am A Singer 3.

So local singer Kit Chan knew she would be ousted from the Hunan TV contest last January, but she did it her way anyway.

The 43-year-old told SPH Razor in an interview that she did not want to follow the formulaic singing styles that were proposed by the musical director.

"I was determined to do my thing. I didn't really care what happened," she said.

Despite being eliminated twice, Kit said that she was amazed at how the now-infamous stint had won her a new fanbase in China.

And with it, inroads to the China market as she became the first local artiste to sign on with major China record company Taihe Music Group.

Kit is on her first regional tour - starting in Singapore last June, then on to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and eventually wrapping up with a finale in Singapore in September.

Her latest album of original songs in 12 years, The Edge of Paradise, incorporates an attitude of minimalism.

In this video interview, Kit tells us about things she would never dream of doing now that she used to do in her 20s, the support of her husband and family, and... will she ever join another singing competition?


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