Kit Chan​: Lower that neckline, please

14 July 2016 / 3 months 1 week ago

Olivia Chang
SPH Razor
13 July 2016

For ​local songbird ​Kit Chan, the​ final stop of her​ first regional tour ​- Spellbound Homecoming Concert in Singapore​ - has to be done just right.

At her press conference on Wednesday, the singer playfully complained that ​one of her ​costumes had a neckline that was ​"neither high nor low"​.​

So, she yanked the neckline lower, to the consternation of top costume designer Bruce Yu, ​who ​has ​dressed stars such as Sammi Cheng and Stefani​e​ Sun​. ​​

​When asked if she would be wearing anything revealing​ for her finale concert​, she ​said that ​donning sexy costumes have never been her thing.

Evidently, non-committal outfits are a bore, too.

Whe​ther it is​ her costume​ design​ or her music​ style​, ​​​the 43-year-old is known to be firm about having creative say.

In fact, she recently signed on to major China record company Taihe Music Group - the first local artiste to do so - because ​the label offered her just that.

"They understand my need for artistic autonomy, which is extremely important to me at this stage in my life and career," she said in an earlier news report.

Kit Chan
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