Kenneth Ma doesn't mind being 'frozen' by TVB -- especially during summer

4 October 2015 / 1 year 2 weeks ago

TVB held its traditional 48th Anniversary Lighting Ceremony as a prelude to year-end festivities.

With many A-list actors and actresses leaving TVB one after another, the company is in dire need to retain their current talent.

Recently, it was reported that the company requested for an emergency meeting, inviting many of their current contracted artists to attend.

Management reportedly pressured their artistes to sign long-term contracts in exchange for heavy promotion by the company.

Of the many artistes in attendance, it was reported that Kenneth Ma did not yet renew his contract and has been frozen by TVB, reports Jayne Stars.

At the Anniversary Lighting Ceremony, Kenneth responded to the recent reports,

“I didn’t ask the company. But if I’m frozen every year between May and September, that would be quite nice. Having to film ancient series in the summer is really quite difficult. I wouldn’t mind being frozen every summer. My contract still has more than a year left. They have not talked to me about the details.”

Kenneth, who remains a bachelor at 41 years old, was asked to respond to on rumors regarding good friend Kevin Cheng’s impending flash marriage with Grace Chan. Kenneth responded,

“If they’re really going to get married, then of course I’ll wish them happiness. But they haven’t told me anything. Kevin has a successful career. He has everything now except for a wife.”

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