Kenix Kwok unsure whether younger brother and GF Lynn Hung will get married

7 January 2016 / 9 months 3 weeks ago

Lynn Hung and her boyfriend Kwok Ho Chung are getting serious the couple were spotted arriving in Hong Kong from their vacation together with Kwok's family at Okinawa Prefecture recently.

There have also been multiple talks about the couple tying the knot in 2016, reports Jayne Stars

When asked about the possibility of Ho Chung getting married when they were on holiday earlier, his sister Kenix said:

“We spent most of the holiday eating and relaxing. We had a lot of fun and didn’t really have serious conversations.”

As for whether Ho Chung would be getting married in 2016, Kenix said, “The most important thing is that they get along well. It’s all up to him.”

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