K-pop star leaves little to the imagination in racy Maxim photoshoot

29 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

After School graduate Yoo So Young took her first ever lingerie photoshoot for 'MAXIM'!

She went between cute and sexy for the photoshoot, going for a romantic concept in a cabin in the woods, reports allkpop.

She has never tried a lingerie photoshoot before but was perfect at it, combining her innocent face with her glamorous body for the perfect 'bagel girl' photoshoot.

Before the shoot, she said, "If it's not now, when would I bare my body?"

On her 'bagel girl' tag, she said, "I'm thankful, but I'm also burdened that people will be disappointed if I gain weight. But my friends gave me advise saying, 'It's sexier if you gain a bit more weight. Make sure you eat'."

On her exes, she said, "I guess I have bad taste. Some of my exes have cheated on me, tried to hit me, and one even told me not to smile."

When asked if she was currently dating, she said, "I had a one-sided crush, but it didn't work out. My latest relationship was last year."

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