Justin Bieber attempts to disguise himself in Amsterdam but it's a massive fail

12 October 2016 / 8 months 2 weeks ago

You know how most stars think they can't be recognised if they put on some shades? Well we think Justin probably felt the same, but of course no one expected him to resort to this.

According to Elite Daily, the Biebs was pictured rocking a wig and a fake mustache-goatee combo along with his shades. And to put it nicely, he looked like a joke.

Honestly, he should have gone all out and donned the classic big nose, glasses and eyebrows face piece as well.

What was he thinking? We don't know. 

Because if he thought his disguise would shun people away from taking pictures of him, it completely backfired.

According to the site, even more people wanted a snap of his outrageous facial hair game.

Justin needs to remember that he isn't Superman and that his fans will be able to tell him apart from a mile away with those trademark tattoos, his style and overall swag. 

He gave everyone a good laugh though.

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