Just when you think Samantha Ko can't get any sexier, she posts these bikini pics

5 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

After completing the filming for the upcoming TVB drama, Love as a Predatory Affair <愛情食物鏈>, 28-year-old actress Samantha Ko (高海寧) went on a vacation with several girl friends to Phuket.

Despite being known for her busty physique, Samantha had noticeably toned down her sexiness and focused on diversifying her acting experiences in recent years.

However, Samantha let down her inhibitions and shared many bikini-clad photos of her trip on Weibo, reports Jayne Stars.

However, the unfortunate Bangkok Hindu Temple Bombing incident occurred merely two days after her arrival. Although Bangkok is quite a distance from Phuket, many are concerned that similar incidents would occur in the tourist-dense Phuket.

Currently still on vacation, Samantha commented in a telephone interview, “After hearing the news, I was very scared. I immediately made a phone call to Hong Kong and informed my parents I was safe. I hope that the injured and their families will stay safe and remain strong.”

Despite the horrifying incident, Samantha disclosed that she currently has no plans to cut her vacation short. She shared that the itinerary for her trip mostly consisted of pool and hotel-based activities and that the group intends to travel to South Korea afterwards.

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