Joe Ma's 17-year-old son is a spitting image of him -- and is interested in acting

3 May 2016 / 5 months 4 weeks ago

Joe Ma, his wife Karen Cheung and his 17-year-old son Ma Zai Xiang attended a charity event recently.

Joe Ma and his son looked a lot like each other, reports Asian E-News Portal

Karen Cheung laughed and said: "Many friends also said he resembled Joe Ma."

Karen Cheung added that it was the first time her son attended the charity event with her.

Her son's character was less outgoing and he was studying in a French international school now.

His French is better than his Chinese.

Karen could not teach him as the homework in French language was too complex.

Ma Zai Xiang was asked if he will join the entertainment industry.

He said: "No idea and it depends if any opportunity is given."

He added that he had interest in acting and needed to learn.

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