Jessica Hsuan examines her breasts regularly for cancer -- but reveals it's not always accurate

24 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Source: JayneStars

Jessica Hsuan recently attended an event for the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation to promote awareness for breast and uterine cancer.

As the event featured pink desserts in line with the “Pink” promotional campaign, Jessica spoke about her love for desserts. She admitted that she had a sweet tooth and would not be able to complete dinner without having dessert.

On how Jessica was able to have dessert and maintain her slim physique, she laughed and said, “I often share dessert with several friends so we each eat a small portion. My favorite is cheesecake. I tried baking it once, but it was too hard and not very successful.”

On the subject of breast cancer, Jessica revealed that she once had a friend who contracted the cancer at a rather advanced stage. She reflected, “It’s so important to perform regular health screenings. I get an annual health screening.”

Jessica was then asked if she examined her own breasts to check for potentially cancerous lumps. She responded, “Yes I do, but it’s not always accurate. It’s best to see a doctor. Sometimes we might not even be able to physically sense any symptoms of whatever illnesses we have.”

Revealing that she is preparing for a concert in November, in which she will perform a duet with Peter Cheung, Jessica said, “Performing live is very different from recording an album, so it will be quite stressful for me. I’m much more comfortable performing together with someone else.”

See more photos of the gorgeous Jessica Hsuan in the gallery below. 

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