Jelly Lin caught on date with 18-years-older Feng Shaofeng -- after insisting that she's single

20 April 2016 / 6 months 1 week ago

Jelly Lin's relationship with Feng Shaofeng surfaced earlier when the couple were caught holding hands in a park.

However, the 20-year-old Mermaid star insisted that she was still single at a recent event in Shanghai.

According to, when asked if her relationship had stabilised, she replied, "I am single".

The same evening, she was seen celebrating her 20th birthday with Shaofeng.

He had reportedly flown to Shanghai to meet Jelly at the hotel she was staying at.

The couple then shared a taxi to a pier and boarded a yacht with a group of friends.

Afraid of being recognised, Jelly used her jacket to hide her face.

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