JB woman becomes celeb after marriage that saw her go from stunning to drab to beautiful again

4 April 2016 / 6 months 3 weeks ago

A woman in Johor Bahru has become a celebrity there after writing about her tumultuous marriage that saw her go from being a beauty, to looking drab, to finally looking pretty again after her divorce.

The woman said she was very pretty before her wedding, reports Viral Cham.

However, after her wedding, she stayed home to take care of her kids.

She said that her appearance became drab, and she was not as attractive as she once was.

The woman also said that her husband did not treat her well, and also had an affair behind her back.

So, she decided to leave him. She soon made a career for herself, while taking care of her kids.

She also transformed the way she looked, and is now a beauty.

The woman's story has inspired other women to take better care and not neglect themselves because of being housewives.

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