Jay Chou's hilarious response to whether he will have a second child soon

21 April 2016 / 6 months 1 week ago

Jay Chou and wife Hannah Quinlivan gave birth to their first child, daughter Hathaway, in July 2015.

But while the Taiwanese superstar said he would like to have at least four more kids in the future, he’s definitely going to have to postpone those baby plans for another time.

The Taiwanese singer-songwriter has recently been busy with the management of his eSports team the J Team, which was formed in October of last year.

The J Team, which recently acquired the Taipei Assassins, plans to compete on the upcoming summer split for the League of Legend Master Series (LMS), a professional online tournament for the game series League of Legends.

Jay said he hopes his team would make it to the World Championship, reports JayneStars.

Jay, however, will not be an active player and will only be looking after the J Team as its leader.

In a press conference to introduce the J Team yesterday, Jay said he started the idea of competing on gaming sports when his friends introduced him to a gaming lounge in Taipei.

He wore a mouth mask to the lounge so he wouldn’t get recognized; however, Jay said the players were so immersed into their games, he probably wouldn’t get recognized even without the mask.

Jay got so obsessed with the game that he purchased a high-performance computer to play the game back home.

He joked that it turned out to be a good decision after all; his long gaming nights allowed him to conveniently care for his daughter when she needed a diaper change in the middle of the night.

Aside from his LoL duties, the 37-year-old said he is also working on a new album and preparing for a concert tour.

He exclaimed that he has no time to plan for a second child, saying, “Too busy and too tiring!”

Despite his busy schedule, Jay still hopes to save more time for his wife and daughter.

“After [having Hathaway], I’ve become a lot more patient. In the past, I would have left the press conference after only two questions,” he joked.

Would Jay introduce his daughter to the gaming world and eSports?

“If she’s no longer interested in music, then sure. I would not be against it.”

Jay is currently in the midst of recruiting new young members into his J Team.

He professed, “Parents don’t need to worry. Our J Team members are not rebels. We do not smoke, drink, and play past curfew. They will be able to practice under the most comfortable and safest environments. Leave them to me!”

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