Jacqueline Chong cries after heated exchange with Gregory Wong on Facebook

9 December 2015 / 10 months 2 weeks ago

Actors Gregory Wong and Jacqueline Chong engaged in a heated exchange of words through Facebook recently.

The dispute started when Gregory criticised an artiste for not respecting Hong Kong movies, reports Asianpopnews.

Gregory said, “If you only film movies based on numbers and not because you put in effort to perform, how different are you from an extra? Right cast is more important! Show some respect to Hong Kong movies.”

Following this, Jacqueline wrote on her Facebook, “If working is equal to not respecting a job, then I would like to wish you for not having any work.”

A few hours later, Jacqueline posted a photo of herself with a tanned face and said, “Turned black immediately. If face can be turned black, so can hair. Some people have little knowledge, and do not know that hair can be coloured black.”

Gregory responded by saying, “I know I am in the wrong for bringing up this incident on the social media. However, people who know me will know that I am very straightforward. It doesn’t mean that you can act well when you film many movies in a year. I am just very anxious over this incident.”

During a subsequent interview, Jacqueline cried over the incident. She said she initially played a reporter in The Menu but
had to colour her hair gold for another movie. 恋爱指引>

But she was then told to play a negotiator in The Menu, and the role-change required her to have hair black. She was told that she could wear a wig or spray her hair black. 恋爱指引>

“Mr Wong (Gregory Wong) felt that I was not suitable. Since he insisted he was right, I will tell everyone the whole story,” said Jacqueline. Jacqueline showed reporters her Whatsapp messages with Gregory. 恋爱指引>

In one message, Gregory told her, “I will tell boss to ask you to just concentrate on filming PG Love Guidelines.” 恋爱指引>

Jacqueline said, “I don’t think that as an actor, he can decide another actor’s work. Breaking someone’s rice bowl is like killing her parents. 恋爱指引>He is only an actor. What right does he have to kill someone’s chance to perform,” said a sobbing Jacqueline. Jacqueline also said, “We are never friends, and will never be.”

Gregory then apologised and said, “I will just concentrate on my acting in The Menu. I am sorry that my words have caused embarrassment to others. For other matters, we will let everyone judge.”恋爱指引>

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