Jackie Chan complains about younger actors, says they are 'lazy' and 'dramatic'

20 June 2016 / 4 months 3 days ago

International superstar Jackie Chan made a name for himself by starring in numerous classic action films. Despite his age of 62, he continued to personally perform many highly dangerous stunts for his movies.

In recent years, a 'Young Fresh Meat' wave has arisen, reported Hktopten.

Jackie Chan, who earlier admitted to signing on 'Young Fresh Meat' Kris Wu Yifan, lamented that the new generation of actors were very cautious.

He said, "If 'Young Fresh Meat' has to perform dangerous stunts like us, they have to completely rely on doubles. They still need to train and improve!"

He pointed out that many actors merely went to the gym to learn a few stunts for action films, just so that they could earn a quick buck. He has seen a very surprising example:

"On film sets, most of them have doubles, they truly are too lazy! A young actor injured his hand during a kung fu scene, he immediately screamed and cried for heaven and earth. Finally the entire team of over 800 people came to see how he was!"

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