It's over: Linda Chung confirms that she and Philip Ng are just 'friends'

22 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

The Linda Chung and Philip Ng dating rumors have been going on for over eight years.

The rumors started in 2007, when both Linda and Philip starred in the Patrick Kong romance film Love Is Not All Around.

Love was said to have blossomed in and out of set, but for the sake of Linda’s career, they had no choice but to keep their love a secret.

Over the years, the TVB starlet and the kung fu star constantly denied a relationship and avoided being seen in public, but in early 2014, Linda and Philip publicly supported each other in their respective film projects, and Philip also attended Linda’s first mini concert, snapping a picture with her backstage.

On Linda’s birthday, Philip was seen at her party, taking care of Linda’s guests. Their actions were seen as a declaration of love at the time, but things took a different turn recently.

On Chinese Valentine’s Day this year, which fell on August 20, both Linda and Philip admitted that it has been a while since they have last seen each other, indirectly confirming that they’ve broken up.

Philip, who is busy with filming of his debut TVB drama Heroes of the Walled City, admitted to the press that it has been a while since he last contacted Linda, and when asked about his relationship with her, he said that Linda was “just a friend.”

Linda, who is currently filming the TVB drama Police Dog Brother starring opposite Bosco Wong, confirmed Philip’s statement, reports Jayne Stars.

Asking if Philip has asked her for acting advice, Linda said, “He did not, and I do believe that he can handle it himself.

We’ve discussed about acting in the past, but not now! We rarely contact now.”

Pointing out that it seems like Linda and Philip are growing more distant, Linda quickly clarified,

“We’re still good friends.”

Mentioning that Philip only considered her as “just a friend”, Linda said,

“Whether good friends or just friends, we are still friends. Don’t be too sensitive about the wording.” Asking if they have ended their relationship, Linda’s expression turned sour and said,

“I never openly talked about my private life before. I wanted to maintain a low profile, but I wish him all the best in his drama. I hope it would be a happy and smooth filming.”

Linda said she would not be embarrassed if they come across each other at TVB’s studios, expressing that they have a good relationship.

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