Innocent people thrown into real prison for reality show

17 February 2016 / 8 months 1 week ago

Reality shows have proven to be popular among viewers the past few years.

One new show however might just raise the bar when it comes to reality TV.

Broadcaster A&E has come up with a TV show that involves sending innocent people into prison to find out how life is really like behind bars.

Said newsmagazine Inside Edition about the program:

"Seven innocent people volunteered to attend The Clark County Correctional Jail in Indiana. 

"None of the officers, other inmates or staff knew they were actually law-abiding citizens.

"Their experiences were filmed for A&E's show, "60 Days In" showing what life is like behind bars. 

"Sheriff Jamey Noel created the concept to expose critical things happening at the Indiana jail.

"He believes that innocent people going into the system for a first-hand experience was the only way to expose the truth."

The 'prisoners' discovered a lot during their time in prison. See what they found out in the gallery below. 

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