How Ruby Lin skillfully dodged question about suspected pregnancy

26 July 2016 / 3 months 1 day ago

Taiwanese celebrity Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo have long fuelled rumours of a shotgun marriage, seeing as how they announced their plans so soon after dating.

Asian E-News Portal reports that after announced their romance on May 20, their marriage was at 'lighting speed'.

Ruby also suspiciously looked like she had a 'baby bump' on multiple ocassions. 

On Jul 21, Ruby wore 3 inches high heels to attend the press conference of Mainland China series, 'Singing All Along' with her co-star, Yuan Hong, who held her all the way.

When the reporters asked if she was expecting, Ruby pointedly dodged the question by replying:

"The series is my 'baby' after expecting for 3 years."

She added she was currently preparing her wedding but rejected to reveal more details.

Asking about the starting of their relationship, Ruby replied it begun naturally:

"We have known each other for 10 years and it is not about who initiated."

As Wallace was also in Beijing now, Ruby responded that they did not meet up and did not mind filming s series together.

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