How Nancy Wu evades questions about breakup deserves a round of applause

9 August 2016 / 2 months 2 weeks ago

Nancy Wu (胡定欣) broke up with her boyfriend, Terry Chan (陳明道) not long ago, but appeared relaxed when filming Big Boys Club (兄弟幫) at TVB City.

She was smiling when reporters took photos of her and asked about her current mood.

Nancy said: "Let's talk about it tomorrow as I will be promoting A Fist within Four Walls (城寨英雄)."

According to Asian E-News Portal, the reporters then tried to ask her about it again and Nancy responded: "Ok! My vacation has ended!"

Upon mentioning about her old love attended an event on 2 August, Nancy did not make any comment and replied, "Let's talk about it tomorrow!"

Nancy Wu
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