How cute Ruby Lin looks even in most 'unglam' moment

19 July 2016 / 3 months 6 days ago

Fans can't believe how 40-year-old Ruby Lin still looks so cute -- even when she's super 'unglam' eating and with no makeup.

According to Asian E-News Portal, she and 36-year-old Wallace Huo admitted to their romance on May 20 and they will be holding their wedding this month. The news shocked the whole world and it resulted in shotgun marriage rumours.

Most women will try to maintain their fit body figure when preparing to get married but Ruby is the complete opposite.

On Facebook, she shared photo of herself eating and left a message:

"It is too yummy! Delicious chicken feet from spicy steamboat. I cannot wait for it and take photo of myself without make-up and drumstick immediately. I feel very happy!" As Ruby has a good appetite, looks like her pregnancy gossip is getting real."

Many netizens then asked if Ruby was expecting: "Without make-up! Loves to eat! Your actions prove you will be a good mother!"

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