How 'casanova' Kevin Cheng really feels about his much younger GF Grace Chan's intimate scene

23 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Source: JayneStars

Grace Chan and Steven Cheung were filming a scene for the TVB drama Brother’s Keeper 2 at a jewelry store earlier this week. The drama, which is a direct sequel to 2013’s Brother’s Keeper, also stars Kristal Tin and Edwin Siu, with special guest appearances by Ruco Chan and Linda Chung.

In the scene, Grace and Steven are buying a present for their father, portrayed by veteran actor Hugo Ng. Hugo, one of TVB’s leading siusangs in the 1980’s, returned to TVB earlier this year after a twenty-year break from the company. His first work since returning to TVB was The Executioner; Brother’s Keeper is his second project.

Feeling nostalgic, Hugo said he has prepared himself for the long working hours. On his thoughts on rookie actress Grace, who portrays his daughter, Hugo was full of praises. “We only did a few scenes together so far, but she’s much better than I expected. Very smart. The new generation is much smarter than we were back then.”

Grace shared that she will have a relationship line with Edwin, and the two will have some kissing scenes. Grace expressed that her character is a difficult one to grasp, and she will use this opportunity to learn from senior Hugo Ng.

When speaking about the scene, which is about Grace and Steven buying an expensive gift for their father, Grace admitted that while she has received expensive gifts before, she prefers receiving gifts with more heart than money. Asking if she has bought a present for boyfriend Kevin Cheng’s () birthday, which was on August 15, she said, “It’s a secret! I do think he’ll like it.”

In regards to her upcoming kissing scene with Edwin, she said, “I’m sure it’ll turn out beautiful and romantic.” Did she already explain the scene to Kevin? “When it comes to work, we are all at ease. I’ll talk about it with other people and it comes up in conversations.”

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