Hinson Chau on why he broke up with Lily Ho: 'Her family demanded $200k living expenses every month'

27 December 2015 / 9 months 4 weeks ago

According to Hong Kong media, Lily Ho and Hinson Chau broke up in September this year. The couple had an on-off relationship for one and a half years.

Their breakup was reportedly due to the tremendous pressure exerted by Lily’s father. Lily’s father was an ex-businessman who used to own several companies and properties, and even horses.

In February last year, Mr Ho suddenly filed for bankruptcy, and the family’s financial burden has fallen on his two daughters.

Reports said that Mr Ho had strict requirements for his daughters’ boyfriends, and he did not want his daughters to date someone from the entertainment circle. He was said to prefer a man with a wealthy background to be his son-in-law.

When Hinson was dating Lily, he would send gifts to her family to please her father. However, her father felt that Hinson’s family background 'did not meet his standards'. Lily had no choice but to break up with him in tears.

When a reporter called Hinson to confirm the breakup, he admitted that they had broken up three months ago, reports Asian Pop News.

He said, "Yes, it’s true. Whenever we were photographed together, Lily’s daddy would want us to break up. She had no choice but to listen to her daddy. I respect her decision."

Hinson also revealed that her family had demanded living expenses from him.

"Gigi (Lily’s older sister) once asked me to pay HK$100,000 to HK$200,000 of living expenses every month for their family. If I refused to give, I could not date her sister anymore. Their family encountered tax problems before, and had asked from me HK$200,000. I thought of working hard to earn money, or to get a loan to help them. However, after discussing with my family, we felt that it was strange, so I declined.”

Hinson believed that Lily and he were truly in love, and he also stressed that his ex-girlfriend was a nice girl. He said, "Her dad gave her a lot of pressure. It’s a pity we were not able to solve certain problems. I couldn’t solve it myself. It was too complicated."

On Hinson’s statement, Lily denied it and said, "I am very unhappy about untrue reports. The matter is being followed up by a lawyer, and we will pursue the case through legal means."

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