Here's the 22-year-old Taiwanese model who has been linked to Selina Jen's husband

7 March 2016 / 7 months 3 weeks ago

Mandopop star Selina Jen, 34, and her husband Richard Chang, 43, stunned the world with a sudden announcement of their divorce last Friday (Mar 4).

Netizens and media outlets started speculating the cause of the picture perfect couple's split, such as their childlessness, the alleged presence of a third party and Chang apparently not getting along with Jen's father or the other members of S.H.E.

An earlier article stated that Taiwan media had been quick to dig up old reports of Chang going to a KTV with 22-year-old model Jessie Zhuo in March last year. At the time, the lawyer said he was not a saint and had flaws like most people do.

Both Chang and Zhuo denied knowing each other well, and clarified that they had been out with a large group of people. Chang also threatened to sue over the rumours.

Even though Jen's record company issued a statement denying the rumours on Mar 5, they have only gotten worse.

Netizens also went to dig up any information they could about Zhuo. She describes herself as "a naughty girl from Taiwan" on her Instagram account.

See more photos of Jessie Zhuo in the gallery below.

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