'Happy Ghost' star Bonnie Law's sudden death from heart attack shocks fans

28 May 2016 / 5 months 18 hours ago

​May 27, 2016

Former Hong Kong actress Bonnie Law Ming Chu, well-known for her role in the popular comedy The Happy Ghost, died suddenly from heart attack this morning.

She was 47.

The news shocked many fans as they thought she had no serious health issues although she had mentioned she needed to reduce her weight.

She even attended a Leon Lai concert not long ago.

There was also talk about Law returning to acting and cutting an album.

Law entered show business at 15 when she made her screen debut in Raymond Wong's 1984 comedy, which became a big hit, reported Apple Daily.

Many fans recalled her bubbly personality as one of the teen girls in a campus who befriend a scholar ghost in the show.

Together with co-stars May Lo, Rachel Lee and Fennie Yuen, they were widely known as the "Happy Girls" of the first-generation of modern Hong Kong film stars.

Law had acted with top actors like the late Leslie Cheung in For Your Heart Only (1985) and Chow Yun Fat in Fractured Follies (1988).

She also acted in television dramas such as My Father's Son, with actor-turned-director Stephen Chow.

Law quit acting to to study abroad. When she returned to Hong Kong, she worked in finance.

Fans saw much less of her on screen after that.

She showed up in some cameo roles in movies like The Conman (1998), which starred Andy Lau.

Apple Daily reported that Law's mother notified her close friends about her death today.


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