Hannah Quinlivan says '520' to baby daughter, posts photos of them arranging diapers

28 May 2016 / 4 months 3 weeks ago

Taiwan's King Of Pop Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan's sweet daughter 'Little Chou Chou' Hathaway will soon turn one.

Hannah shared her code 520 (Wo Ai Ni: I love you') to thank fate for bringing her daughter into this world for her, reports Asian E-News Portal.

She was very touched and said, a year ago she could only say 520 to her baby belly and now she can embrace her daughter and say it face to face.

She even uploaded a photo of her and little Chou Chou organising diapers, but still we cannot see the face of her daughter.

Hannah also wrote on her Weibo: "In a blink of an eye, Hathy will soon turn one year old. I thank fate for bringing you to mummy's side.

"520 is a special day and on last year today, I could only say 520 to you when you were still in my belly.

"This year I can embrace you and directly say to you: mummy loves you!

"I want to give my endless thanks to my mum and others who have taught me how to be a new mother. Thank uouu!

"Ps: Hathaway - if you don't know how to organise, I will help you. If we don't finish, we won't be able to sleep".

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