Guy scores date with beautiful girl -- then decides to make it as awkward as possible

1 November 2015 / 11 months 3 weeks ago

First dates are never easy but this guy thought that he'd spice things up with his beautiful date -- by annoying her and making things more awkward than they are.

He decided to share that he's going on a date with a beautiful girl and his buddies and they cheered him on.

The man then goes on his date but things aren't going so well so he consults his friends and one of them jokingly suggests to ruffle his date's hair -- and he does!

His mates then suggest that he takes her fork from her when she's eating her food and he does it.

The night then continues with more of his shenanigans and naturally his date took off before things could get worse. 

Browse through the gallery to see what happened. Images via AcidCow.

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