Guess what TVB bombshell Samantha Ko is obsessed with?

19 October 2015 / 1 year 4 days ago

TVB artiste Samantha Ko always has a sexy image and collects 10 pairs of sunglasses ranging from $10 in Korea street and over $2000 for luxury brand:

"Sunglasses is necessity after joining the entertainment industry and I can wear sunglasses if without make-up. Thus, I will look for sunglasses whenever travelling and the collection increases."

Samantha expressed the variety of sunglasses lens colour increased in the recent years, reports Asian E-News Portal.

"There is many colours such as orange, blue and green and it makes one look stylish, " she said. 

However, she got headache when there were too many sunglasses:

"I will use sunglasses box to keep sunglasses and place it into the travelling bag. Sometimes it is troublesome to look for sunglasses and what a headache! I hope to have my cloakroom in the future and it is easier to choose clothes too."

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