Grace Chan shows off 25th birthday gift from BF Kevin Cheng

26 June 2016 / 4 months 2 days ago

On Grace Chan’s 25th birthday yesterday, she was photographed visiting Kevin Cheng’s apartment.

According to Asian Pop News, after she finished her filming, she rushed to a salon to style her hair before meeting her boyfriend. Instead of taking a taxi, she took a mini bus to Kevin’s place.

At the blessing ceremony of her new drama 'Wulin Revival' today, Grace admitted that she visited Kevin’s house. She said that they had a meal with a group of friends to celebrate her birthday.


When asked what present did Kevin give her, Grace smiled sweetly, “It’s a necklace, and I am wearing it.”

She then pulled out the necklace and showed the reporters.

Are you surprised by the gift? She said, “I was because we agreed beforehand that he would only get the present when I saw something I like. I didn’t know that he went to buy the present with his cousin. He knew that I like pink, and he chose a pink necklace for me. He is very attentive.”

Are you going to add points to him? “He always scores very high points. Haha. I am very happy too. He sent me to work after we had dinner.”

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