Glenn Ong and other ONE FM radio DJs to compete 9 obstacles in 14km course

12 January 2016 / 9 months 2 weeks ago

Jan 09, 2015

Six personalities from Singapore Press Holdings' radio station ONE FM 91.3 will compete in Singapore's original urban obstacle race, displaying their physical stamina and mental fortitude at the 7th Men's Health Urbanathlon.

On March 13, DJs and personalities Glenn Ong, Cheryl Miles, Elliot Danker, Harry Corro, Andre Hoeden and Shaun Tupaz - will compete in the Men's Health Urbanathlon for the very first time.

While they have their own personal goals and motivations, which are as varied and unique as the Urbanathletes themselves, they all share the same desire to challenge themselves and inspire One FM listeners to follow suit.

The annual Men's Health Urbanathlon will feature nine obstacles on a 14km course - including an all-new CrossFit-based obstacle - a first for any run here, with a finale obstacle promising to end the race with a bang.

"My 2016 resolution is to be fitter, faster and stronger than last year," says ONE FM's Breakfast Show DJ Glenn Ong, who is participating in the Urbanathlon for the first time.

"I don't think there's anything else like MHU. It's like an outing; you can do the race at your own pace and time depending on what level you want to push yourself to. Just enjoy the morning and the race. You're not competing against anybody but yourself."

ONE FM's bombshell DJ Cheryl Miles is also equally psyched.

"Getting through the obstacles will require balance, core strength, stamina and agility," she says, "which are all part of my fitness goals for this year. This will be my first obstacle course race, and what better way to kick start the year than to train for the Men's Health Urbanathlon!" S

Stepping out into the limelight is ONE FM's producer Shaun Tupaz, who says two of his 2016 goals are to have arms like Chris Hemsworth and abs like Channing Tatum.

"Before the Urbanathlon came along, I was just watching their movies and mentally sculpting my body to look like them, but now I'm hitting the gym more frequently to prove I have what it takes to get a Hollywood body."

For Harry Corro, who can be heard on weekends at ONE FM 91.3, the timing could not be better.

"The Urbanathlon in March is perfect to get me started on training for the year, straight after the holidays and into an active lifestyle for 2016."

Radio DJ Glenn Ong starts #sharethepain campaign on social media

Just as competition and friendly rivalry exist in any race, the Men's Health Urbanathlon is also about camaraderie.

To that end, Glenn is running the obstacle race with his buddy, and hopes fellow Urbanathletes will also invite their training partners to #sharethepain.

Glenn says, "We will motivate each other along the way! Let's finish strong together and share the pain!"

Eight obstacles unveiled for Urbanathletes to prepare themselves

Men's Health Urbanathlon 2016 looks to amplify the fun and physical factor with seven new obstacles.

The unique CrossFit obstacle, named Metcon Madness, will task racers to complete five challenging stations: box jumps, alternate lunge jumps, overhead squats, sandbell overhead swings and wall throws - moves taken directly from one of the toughest sports right now. In addition, new obstacles Lift 'N' Load, Side Walk, Maze Runner, Barrier Breakers, Swinging Fortunes will push all Urbanathletes to dig deeper into their physical and mental reserves to conquer the race.

ONE FM 91.3's DJ Cheryl Miles said: "I've not tried CrossFit yet, which is probably the best way to get ready for this race, but I'm doing yoga, dance classes, weight training and running."

Elliott Danker, ONE FM's news and sports DJ, is similarly dedicated.

"The thing I love about training for such events is that it forces you to be extra disciplined. You have to stick to your workout plan or you'll suffer at the event. I've already started on 5km runs, and will be increasing it to 10, 15 and 20km gradually. I'll also be doing more intensive kettlebell workouts and work on my diet."

Registrations are now open and those who sign up by Jan 15, 2016 will enjoy $20 off the original price at a discounted Early Bird rate of $108.

Teams of four and above will enjoy a further discount at only $98 per person. Each Urbanathlete will receive a race pack worth over $150, including an Adidas race tee and a complimentary six-month digital subscription to Men's Health Singapore.

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