Girls, take note if you want to date the dashing Bosco Wong

8 March 2016 / 7 months 3 weeks ago

Attention women, Hong Kong's suave and eligible bachelor has stated what he wants to look for in a partner.

According to Asian E-News Portal, Bosco Wong recently worked with Linda Chung again in the K9 Cop series.

In the show, he fell in love with Linda who acted as a vet who has a high IQ of 135.

Bosco expressed that he admired girls with high IQ and independence:

"I prefer smart girl who can take care of herself and she does not need to take care of me.

"I am busy working and she need not care about me." 

When asked about his old love, Myolie Wu, who was married last year end, Bosco replied he was not anxious to get married and hopes to meet his Ms Right.

Bosco disclosed he will be filming Behind-the-Scenes Player series with Priscilla Wong, Moon Lau, Louis Cheung and Edwin Siu. Asking if he wished to have chemistry with his new filming partner, Bosco replied Priscilla was taken while Moon resembled a little sister.

Bosco said: "It is a low possibility. Moon's character does not suit me and she is very energetic and lively."

He also expressed that he was 'bored' of seeing co-star Linda Chung:

"I am facing Linda while filming 8 out of 10 series. It is boring."

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