Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon makes indirect jab at ex-member Jessica in interview?

28 June 2016 / 3 months 4 weeks ago

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon released her latest pictorial with magazine The Star, sharing a refreshing summer photo shoot. 

Koreaboo reports that she recently made some jabs at Jessica Jung, an ex-member of SNSD, in a interview.

For the July issue, the Girls’ Generation member will be gracing The Star‘s covers with a summer girl concept which will highlight her refreshing and youthful visuals. SM Entertainment artist shows off a returned trend of 90s fashion with her retro sneakers, sunglasses and more.

Following the photoshoot, Hyoyeon sat down with the magazine for an interview where she dishes on the secret of girl group’s longevity as Girls’ Generation is quickly approaching their 10th year anniversary.

She said: “Teamwork is a first. If we had difficult members we wouldn’t have been able to come this far.”

Hyoyeon’s pictorial will be released in full in the July issue of The Star. Fans can read her innermost thoughts in the magazine’s interview in the magazine which was released on June 23.

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