Girl tries to exchange sexual favours for tattoo -- but artist has the best response

28 January 2016 / 9 months 1 day ago

A woman was dumbfounded after an artist gave her what she deserved when she tried to offer sexual favours in exchange for a tattoo.

According to a series of texts posted on Brobible, the woman began the conversation by asking how much a tattoo costs.

After being told it would cost $300, she started talking about how big her bottom was and wrote: “My butt cheek is big.”

However, the tattoo artist was not impressed and asked if she wanted to be charged more because of the size of her, but she then replied: “Charge me less, LOL, since I am good-looking”.

Clearly annoyed, the artist talked about her lack of respect and raised the price when she asked for a discount.

Unfortunately, the girl could not take a hint. She continued haggling and flirting with the artist, as well as dropping hints about hanging out with him.

He then shut her down with a prompt reply and said that he is gay.

Check out the full conversation in the gallery below. 

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