Girl harassed on WeChat by man asking for lewd photos -- but they have most epic convo ever

8 January 2016 / 9 months 3 weeks ago

It's normal to receives tons of New Year wishes from family and friends over the festive season and Mandy Tan, who has over 17,500 fans on Facebook, is no exception.

However, what started as a normal greeting from one guy to the Kuala Lumpur-born beauty was followed by lewd requests to see her 'abalone' -- a crude reference to a girl's vagina.

Instead of being put off, however, Mandy had a brilliant plan and played along by replying, "Can, do you want to see one with juice?"

The man said yes, only to receive an actual photo of... abalone.

"Recommend you this top-grade abalone. It's not cheap," said Mandy innocently.

The man then tried to be more specific and said he wanted her 'abalone' from 'down there'... but got an even more epic picture.

He thus told Mandy, "The place where you pee [from]," but got outsmarted by her once again.

See the whole conversation in the gallery below.

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