Girl dumps BF -- because G-Dragon broke up with Kiko Mizuhara

28 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

When it was revealed that Korean celebrity couple G-Dragon and rumoured girlfriend Kiko Mizuhara had broken up, they did not just breaks hearts everywhere.

It seems like they also destroyed the relationship of a couple whom they did not even know, judging from these screenshots posted by Twitter user Stacey Kim.

They show the couple's conversation in which the girl requested for a break up.

When the boyfriend said it was "so random" and asked why, the girl simply answered, "Because GD and Kiko broke up."

You might wonder how that has got anything to do with the couple, just like the boyfriend did.

Well, the girl said, "I think an opportunity has opened up for me, I'm sorry."

Read the epic breakup conversation in the gallery below.

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