Gigi Leung in crutches after slipping and falling on ice

25 April 2016 / 6 months 5 days ago

Gigi Leung attended the 2016 Beijing International Film Festival as a guest presenter.

However, she shocked the audience and the media when she accidentally fell on stage.

Gigi was supposed to walk over to the centre of the stage, reports Asianpopnews

She was already very careful with her steps, since she was wearing a pair of heels.

However, Gigi did not notice the large skating area, and crossed over it.

She fell hard on the ground, and the host immediately went over to help her.

On her Weibo, Gigi assured her fans that she was doing fine.

She said that she did not know that there was one patch of ice, and slipped over after walking on it.

She said jokingly, “Luckily, I was agile and suffered only some bruises. Actually, I wanted to skate!”

As a producer, Gigi attended the Summer’s Desire press conference after that.

She had to walk with a crutch and suffered wounds on her knee.

She urged everyone not to worry and said, “I just bled a little. My arms and thighs would hurt a little.”

The organiser of 2016 Beijing International Film Festival has apologised to Gigi officially, and called for an ambulance on that same day to treat Gigi’s wounds.

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