G.E.M Tang mistaken for for young mum after ordering kids meal in hotel

3 November 2015 / 11 months 3 weeks ago

G.E.M Tang, 24, may be a popular singer  in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but it would seem there are some people who don't know about her in these countries.

Recently, some hotel staff mistook her as a young mother after she ordered what she thought was a healthy meal.

The meal she ordered was actually meant for kids, which was why the hotel staff mistakenly thought so, report Asian E-News Portal and ON.CC.

As such, she shared photo of the meal and left a message: "I was stunned when the hotel staff delivered the meal into my hotel room.

"I ordered a dish of salmon with less oil and the hotel staff assumed I ordered the healthy kid's meal for my baby. It is so funny!"

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