Sexy actor who played 'L' in Deathnote 'grows' to 'XXXL'

28 December 2015 / 9 months 4 weeks ago

A photo circulating on social media shows the transformation of Kenichi Matsuyama who played 'L' in the hit film Deathnote.

In the photos posted by Trinity ACG News Portal, it seems that Kenichi has put on a fair bit of weight since the release of Deathnote in 2006.

According to a comment by the uploader of the images, Kenichi is currently plumping himself up for a film role.  

Read a caption accompanying the photos:

"L becomes XXXL."

Some netizens were clearly dismayed with Kenichi's weight gain.

Said a Facebook user in response to disappointed fans:

"Lol at all the people upset that he doesn't fit their sexual fantasies anymore."

See more photos of Kenichi Matsuyama in the gallery below. 

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