Fiona Sit admits that she has multiple suitors: I can count them with one hand

9 July 2016 / 3 months 2 weeks ago

Singer Fiona Sit and Edmond Tong were dressed in baseball attire to film a music video for a series and she requested for baseball bat and ball after wearing baseball gloves.

However, the crew only managed to find a baseball bat and Fiona asked: "No ball?"

It then made everyone laughed immediately, reports Asian E-News Portal.

Fiona expressed she spent two nights to read the script: "The story talks about lacking of courage and missing the relationship.

(How long is your loneliness?) It is not the main point.

(Used to being alone?) I do not believe nobody wants to be single but the love for work, family and friends cannot replace the romance. Please do not worry about me."

Edmond said: "But I worry for you!"

Fiona admitted she had suitors currently and said: "Not many and can count within one hand. I does not have the chance to meet new friends.

(Your suitor is in showbiz?) He works in other industry."

As Fiona was taken photo of drinking coffee with a man, she denied he was her suitor and boyfriend: "We met each other by coincidence and I dare not drink coffee at the hotel again."

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