Fans sorely disappointed by how Seolhyun looks like without Photoshop

3 March 2016 / 7 months 3 weeks ago

Photoshop is used all around the world to edit celebrities in advertisements and pictorials. But did these editing technologies give us false image of idols around us?

Originally posted on Pann, disappointed netizens claim that Seolhyun looks ordinary without Photoshop.

Titled 'Seolhyun’s Not Photoshopped Photo Becoming Controversial Amongst Males', here are some comments from netizens that Koreaboo has compiled:

"She is still pretty though right? haha."

"Her visuals were terrible in the drama since they couldn’t use Photoshop."

"??? Isn’t she pretty? I mean she is dark but how white and pretty are you guys hahahaha."

"She looks like she would smell like poop."

"Her body is pretty but her face is ordinary compared to other celebrities."

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