Fans in shock after seeing f(x)'s Luna drastic facial transformation

29 August 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Netizens were shocked a after recent photo of f(x) member Luna showed drastic changes to her appearance.

f(x) member Luna appeared as a featured guest for brand Lab Series’ launching festival for their latest men’s skincare product on August 27th at Garosugil.

After series of photos were released of Luna attending the festival, fans and netizens showed mixed reactions on her new looks, reports Koreaboo.

Although the Korean article focused on her drastic body transformation through a strict diet, many fans and netizens focused on her changed face.

Many commented on how her jawline has changed and how her face is now almost unrecognizable. 

Below are some of the netizens reactions.

[ +734 / -14] “I thought it was Son Dambi.. What do you have to do in order to change your face like that? I’m amazed. Her muscular legs became slimmer too so I’m really curious on what she did.”

[ +42 / -3] “How much did you cut your jaw;;;”

[ +41 / -4] “Ah… The real unique appeal I like that only Luna’s face could pull off disappeared. And now because of her unrealistic jawline, she is closer to plastic now.. This is why I hate plastic surgery.”

[ +32 / -2] “She cut her jaw too much”

Browse through the gallery to see if you notice the difference. 

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