Fans rush to A Pink's Eunji's defence after nasty netizen mocks her and calls her THIS

22 April 2016 / 6 months 3 days ago

In the K-pop world, idol groups comprise of the "visual" members, dancers, leaders and main vocals.

There is a common assumption that the main vocalists lack the looks compared to other members but A Pink's Eunji is considered by many of her fans to be an exception to the rule.

Apart from being a great singer, her looks have been admired by fans and netizens alike several times.

However, one netizen decided to discuss whether she really is that attractive with a post titled: "Is Jung Eunji Really Pretty To You?"

Koreaboo provided a direct translation of the post:

“Is she some kind of hippo????

"She is an idol?

"I got shocked looking at my Facebook feed hahahaahahah.

"She sang like an ‘ajumma’ on Masked Singers haha.

"Taeyeon was better.

"A Pink fans cannot defend her~~~ ^^

"You know she is freaking ugly right?

"Look at her nose and eyes hahahahahaha."

Fans have sprung to her defence and left the following comments on the post:

"I mean she isn’t traditionally beautiful but she has some unique appeals."

"If she is ugly, then what are you?"

"She isn’t popular amongst males for no reason. Even if you don’t think she is pretty, she has enough popularity."

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