Fans mesmerised by Eddie Kwan's daughter -- who has both beauty and brains

17 July 2016 / 3 months 1 week ago

TVB actor Eddie Kwan recently traveled to England with his family to attend eldest daughter, Fabienne Kwan’s college graduation.

According to Jaynestars, when reporters reached out to congratulate him, Eddie shared:

“She is 21 years old this year and a college graduate, majoring in education. I will stay in England for two more days.

"Afterwards, my wife, two daughters, and I will vacation in Italy for two weeks. It’s rare that my younger daughter is also here from Canada. I hope to enjoy a family vacation!”

Despite being 54 years old, Eddie remains youthful and handsome. In the photos he posted with his daughter, Eddie appeared more like an older brother than a father.

When reporters probed about his secrets to maintaining his young appearance, Eddie laughed and said, “Men don’t really know much about these things. Maybe because I don’t need to tutor my daughters with their homework, I didn’t bear any pressure or burden!”

Good looks seem to run in the family as well. 

Twenty-one-year-old Fabienne, who possesses both beauty and brains, is a model candidate for the Miss Hong Kong pageant.

On whether Fabienne is interested in joining the competition, Eddie responded, “I hope my daughter will finish pursuing her educational endeavors first. She personally has not voiced her interest in participating. Besides, none of her friends want to nominate her!

"Participating in the pageant is an avenue for learning. We will see what she desires when the time comes!”

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