Fans' eyes explode after seeing SNSD's Seohyun in translucent dress

20 May 2016 / 5 months 5 days ago

Many celebrities and idols attended the 30th Golden Disk Awards.

Amongst all of the celebrities, one particular idol stood out in elegant fashion: Girls' Generation's Seohyun in a red see-through dress.

Fans are claiming this is the sexiest and prettiest that they have ever seen her.

Koreaboo has compiled some comments from netizens raving about her choice of outfit:

"This is a legendary look of Seohyun.”

"Wow.. She is even glamourous….”

"I can’t believe she is the maknae of the group.”

"She is beautiful…. Her makeup and dress made her look like a Goddess!!!!

"She looks elegant due to her height, glamor and slimness right? She has an aura."

"I know she is already pretty enough but I hope she lightly applies make up.. She is prettier in my eyes that way."

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