Fans can't believe what Gary and Song Ji Hyo did on stage -- and neither will you

14 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

The thirst is real for 'Monday couple'.

Running Man's in-demand couple Song Jihyo and Gary appeared as guests on Chinese talk show "Day Day Up" recently, reports Dkpopnews.

Before the airing, the show had already released photos that would definitely make fans giddy.

In one of their couple games, Song Jihyo and Gary were opted to make 'skinship'.

According to the show's Weibo update, Jihyo initially hesitated, saying that they only do skinship on Mondays but the host was very persistent. He called them an 'everyday couple' and even joked that they could air their episode on Monday.

Thus, the two participated in a cheeky couple game that involved holding an orange using their chins and bodies. This resulted in intimate skinship and made Gary and JiHyo almost kiss.

Photos 1 to 7 show the duo while the rest show other related images.

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