Fan Bingbing, Lynn Hung and other celebrities absent from Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy’s wedding

17 October 2015 / 1 year 5 days ago

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Last week, over ten thousands of fans, friends, and family members sent their heart-felt blessings to Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy as they held their dream-like fairytale wedding in Shanghai, China. However, although the occasion had been extremely high-profile, netizens noticed that a number of the couple’s supposedly close friends did not show up to witness their special moment.

These stars include Lynn Hung, Yang Mi, Fan Bingbing, Zhou Xun, Janice Man, and Eddie Peng.

Lynn Hung is Jealous of Angelababy?
Angelababy and Lynn Hung reportedly shared a close friendship in the model industry in previous years. However, there are speculations that their friendship later fell apart due to a fight for their manager’s favour.

Since Angelababy’s popularity skyrocketed after dating Xiaoming and entering the film industry, it was said that the manager obviously favoured her over Lynn, which led to fits of jealousy. When asked whether or not she will attend Angelababy wedding, Lynn had simply remarked, “I’ll have to check out my schedule first. I didn’t even prepare a gift yet!” However, she did send the couple blessings via Weibo.

Fan Bingbing Upset About Not Being a Bridesmaid?
Xiaoming and Fan Bingbing had always been good buddies, and were also business partners who previously invested in a Mainland Chinese film together. However, on the day of the wedding, Bingbing used work as a reason for her absence.

There are rumours that claim she did not attend because she was not selected as one of Angelababy’s bridesmaids. Instead, her alleged rival Li Bingbing (李冰冰) had been selected.

Zhou Xun Sides With Chen Kun Against Huang Xiaoming?
Xiaoming, Chen Kun, Zhao Wei, and Zhou Xun are publically known to be a group of best friends. However, only Zhao Wei appeared on the day of the wedding. According to tabloids, Xiaoming and Chen Kun’s friendship slowly faded as they became competitors for the siusang status.

Since Chen Kun is closer with Zhou Xun, she also did not attend the wedding as a sign of support.

Janice Man and Angelababy No Longer Close Friends?
|Angelababy and Janice Man were known as a pair of model sisters as they joined the entertainment industry at the same time. However, they also became competitors in the end and were unable to remain as close friends. Although the wedding serves as a perfect chance for them to catch up, Janice did not attend.

Reportedly, she sent Angelababy her blessings via text message and exclaimed at a function that she would still prepare a gift.

Huang Xiaoming Mad at Eddie Peng For Rumors With Angelababy?
In terms of Eddie Peng, he had once been rumored with Angelababy while filming for the movie Love You You in 2011.

Xiaoming was reportedly enraged at the news of Eddie being a third party in their relationship. At a function back in June, Eddie revealed that he had not yet received an invitation to the couple’s wedding.

Yang Mi Was Absent in Order to Avoid Fan War?
Xiaoming and Yang Mi shared several intimate scenes while filming the movie My Sunshine that was released earlier this year. At the time, Yang Mi laughed and remarked that Xiaoming would have to be punished by Angelababy, which quickly erupted a fan war. In order to avoid another wave of fan war, Yang Mi reportedly claimed she could not attend the wedding as she had to take care of her daughter.

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