Facebook group draws criticism after photshopping plus-sized women to ‘inspire’ them to lose weight

29 August 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

A Facebook group named "Project Harpoon" has drawn criticism for photoshopping plus-sized models to appear thinner.

According to a post in boredpanda, the website aims to ‘inspire’ the women to lose weight.

An offshoot of ThInnerBeauty, a website and subreddit, the website states:

“Here at ThInnerBeauty we provide people with visible, achievable health goals.

“We do this by showing how much more beautiful they could look if they made the difficult, lifelong commitment to a regimen of personal fitness. This is a place where we can manipulate photos to highlight the difference between how they are and how they could be.”

But the Facebook group has since been shut down, reports WittyFeed.

Browse through the gallery to view the images of the women.

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