Eliza Sam and Tony Hung not getting along?

3 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Source: Jaynestars

Intern Nurses stars Eliza Sam and Tony Hung were rumored to be not getting along, but the two stars dispelled the discord rumors at a filming yesterday, expressing that they are actually good friends in real life.
The cast of TVB’s upcoming drama Intern Nurses, including Eliza Sam, Tony Hung, Moon Lau, and Jinny Ng, were filming the series at an outdoor sports stadium in Shep Kip Mei.

There has been gossip reports claiming that Tony and Eliza struggled to get along—Tony was often photographed looking moody and cold towards Eliza. It was also reported that Tony used English to scold Eliza.

While on a filming break yesterday, Eliza and Tony shot down the discord rumors with a shake of hands.

Eliza clarified, “It really is a struggle for Tony as he plays a very strict trainer. That’s why he’s always looking cold.” Eliza added that she was surprised at how angry Tony could look, as Tony is usually very cheerful.

Tony joked, “I actually get the opposite reactions from people when I get angry. I’m just like Pal Sinn. He never gets angry, so when he does, you just start laughing!”

In regards to the reports stating that Tony scolded Eliza on set, Tony clarified, “The paparazzi snapped photos of me right when I had on a dark face. We were just discussing about the script with my bad English.” Eliza then laughed, “I don’t know what you say!”

Tony then praised Eliza for being a competent actress, especially when it comes to emotional scenes.

“I’m going to have to ask her for advice,” he said.

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