Elaine Ng makes revealing confession about relationship with daughter Etta

12 May 2016 / 5 months 1 week ago

Elaine and Etta Ng's relationship has gone through several trials including Jackie Chan's refusal to acknowledge is paternity and accusations against Elaine of child abuse.

However, the two are still close despite Etta being in the "rebellious stage" of her teens.

JayneStars reports that Elaine recently shared that she is always thinking about how to be a better mother who is also well-liked by her daughter.

She said that it was not until the child abuse accusations that she realised Etta had grown up.

She said: “For many years, I used the traditional method to teach her – she must listen to whatever I say,” explained Elaine. “When she was little, she would accept this, but after growing up, she rebelled.”

Although they have reconciled since then, conflicts still happen.

Elaine puts importance on having a good relationship with her daughter because she was not close with her family growing up.

“If the mother-daughter relationship isn’t right, I will be very sad,” she remarked. “You can have a falling out with friends, and you can divorce your husband if he isn’t right, but no parent will break off a relationship with her child.

She often shares stories about herself in order to communicate more with Etta, even at the risk of being long-winded.

“Perhaps in her rebellious stage right now, she might think I’m mean,” said Elaine, “but at least she is still willing to talk to me.”

Elaine does not consider herself a tiger mum and enthusiastically encourages Etta's interests that have ranged from veterinary work to computers to filmmaking to making cakes.

She told Etta: "Simpler is better. Don’t overthink it. When you leave this world, what do you want to leave behind? The most important thing is happiness. Don’t have any regrets!"

She also shared that she is holding off on sending Etta overseas to complete her studies as she is reluctant to be seperated from Etta right now.

She added: "With her personality, she won’t come back after going abroad, so I want to hold on to her for two more years.”

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