Edison Chen's GF says video shows Lin Chi-ling allegedly sabotaging shoot

4 August 2016 / 2 months 2 weeks ago

Lin Chi-ling was attacked by Edison Chen on a social networking website a few days ago.

On Weibo, Qin Shupei expressed that Chi Ling tried to sabotage the show, Wo De Xin Yi, and that the recording was used as evidence.

Within an hour, Chi-ling's manager demanded for justice for Chi Ling and the message contained 600 words.

She admitted that the middle person tried to contact her, reports Asian E-News Portal.

When asked if Chi-ling stopped Qin Shupei from filming, her manager emphasised clearly at that time Chi Ling was only participating in the show and did not have the authority to interfere with the decision from the production team.

Chi-ling's manager added that the star did not have the intention to compete or eliminate anybody and wished to challenge herself only.

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